Just a quick set to illustrate a point made by imadandylioness (and in a private email, alittlenutjob) showing the difference in the confidence levels between dances.

Messina is amazing. That is all.

“Luck isn’t getting what you want. It’s surviving what you don’t want.”

She has an enlarged heart. And it’s beginning to fail. First, we need to simply monitor her, keep her comfortable. But eventually she is going to need a heart transplant.

Your body isn’t you. Your soul is you, and they can’t cut into that.

now accepting anon hate


but only in the form of haikus

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i was with you because i loved you.

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# ship: nysara   

A quick peck…

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Two laptops on test. Only one way to battery test them. #amazingspiderman #amazingspiderman2

Sometimes I think about you at random times throughout the day. Which is weird because I don't really know you. I feel like I do though.
- Anonymous

I think that’s a thing with being on tumblr. We feel like it can be such a safe space that we reveal so much of ourselves here. 

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Fun Fact: My cousin is a writer for Z Nation.
- pangrewup

That’s pretty dope!

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do you still write fanfic? you should write quinn/rebekah fanfic imo
- Anonymous

I don’t, no. I don’t have time really, and I don’t think I was ever particularly good at it so I’ll leave it for others out there. Somebody should hit up my ask box with some drabbles or something though :p

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