Finn: Are you okay, Quinn? You were out for a while. It looked like you hit your head pretty hard.

Quinn: I had the strangest dream. Kurt was there… and you, and even you, Berry.

Rachel: I know where this is going; naturally I revived the role of Dorothy, yes? Oh, I bet I was simply whimsical. Was I whimsical, Quinn?

Quinn: Uh, no? It was my dream.

Rachel: So I was Glinda?

Quinn: That part was actually pretty weird - it was Kurt. In a bedazzled pink spandex.

Rachel: That only leaves the role I was born to portray; Elphaba!

Quinn: Coach Sylvester.

Rachel: Quinn Fabray, how dare you not cast me as a lead in your dream!

Finn: Who was I, Quinn?

Quinn: Funnily enough, Finn, you were a hybrid of all three sidekicks. You were a brainless, heartless, tin-lion who deserted me at the slightest hint of hardship.

Finn: So I was like, a lion robot? Awesome.


Rachel: Unimportant! You said I was in the dream, Quinn, I must know which legendary Wizard of Oz character I stole the show as at once!

Quinn: You were Toto.

Rachel:Excuse me?

Quinn: I think it’s because you’re really loyal and small, and I kinda want to touch you - which I guess translated into petting you or something - and I wouldn’t mind like, taking you everywhere with me.

Finn: Do you have a conclusion, Quinn? You’re saying stuff that’s kind of weird. Maybe you should go back to sleep.

Rachel: I think you mean a concussion, Finn, and if that’s the case she absolutely should not go to sleep. She should stay awake and tell me more about her dream. I’m incredibly intrigued.

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